For the Industries, ITLPro Solutions’ offers variety of Services & Solutions in multi-domain streams. We are focused on Embedded, Software, Mechanical developments (including integrated) for application to various industries like Energy Utility, Oil & Gas Utility, high Power Machineries to Portable Machineries, Chemical Factories, Instrumentation, Monitoring and Control Process Industry, Gauging, Automations, Transportation Industry and Medical etc.
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Services & Solutions
Hardware Design (HW)
Embedded Systems & Embedded Software at ITLPro Solutions helps OEMs, ODMs, Operators and Semiconductor Manufacturers build and develop innovative and next generation's hardware solutions to secure leadership in the market place. We have rich experienced team for complete integrated product development which includes Electronics development, Firmware & Software development, Mechanical developments that take cares of development of Sensors, IoT, Software Products, Measuring & Monitoring equipments / Controllers, Process Controllers, Motion Drives, Automations, Industrial to Intrinsic Safety devices etc. We also offer services for doing the end to end Developments for mass Manufacturing including Regulatory Compliance Testing, Field Trials and System Solutions etc.
1.    Integrated Engineering to provide best Solutions

2.    Multi-domain expertise in Electrical, Electronics, Embedded, Software, Cloud computing, Web based services, Mechanical Engineering

3.    Product Life Cycle (PLC), Manufacturing support, Software Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) services, Engineering Documentation Migration/Creation Services, Process - Plant Automation Services
Why Choose Us?
1.   One Stop Solution
2.   Expertise
3.   High Success Rate
4.   Readiness
5.   Strong Ecosystem
1.    We can offer you the development at best rate than any other Service Industry with the design Guarantee and Warranty terms

2.    Perform the developments at faster track

3.    Focused on providing transformational solutions and services using Product Engineering and IT

4.    Rich experienced team for complete integrated development

5.    Priority for customer’s requirements. Constantly optimize our processes and structures

6.    Intelligent and Innovative Solutions is priority to us
ITLPro Solutions’ offers customers complete Hardware design from concept / feasibility analysis to validation. Our highly experienced team handles the hardware development in areas of Analog Designs, Digital Designs, High Speed Designs, Power Designs, Drives designs, Sensor Designs, Battery Operated Designs, Microprocessor and Microcontrollers operated Design (8/16/32/64 bits design), DSP designs, Compact designs, Design Analysis, Simulation and Proof of Concept, Benchmarking, VLSI design, Sensors design, Wired and wireless Communication design, RF designs etc. for catering the applications to almost anything like  Energy Utility, Oil & Gas Utility, high Power Machineries to Portable Machineries, Chemical Factories, Process Industry, Transportation Industry, Automations, Medical etc.
PCB Design
ITLPro Solutions’ offers a wide range of PCB Design services including Centralized Component Library creation, Schematic creation, PCB routing, Gerber reviews and Prototype development. We have extensive experience in PCB design and on IPC. Coherence between PCB team and Embedded design team and ME team ensures that the right components are placed at right place meeting all the electrical / mechanical design constraints and the PCBs are routed to meet the required safety and EMI / EMC Standards.
Tools - Cadence, Mentor Graphics, PADS, Altium, Zuken, Allegro / Cadence etc.
Embedded Software (FW)
ITLPro Solutions helps customers design their products utilizing features of the Hardware and Operating Systems to make the embedded system more energy efficient, proper utilization of memory & other devices, optimum bandwidth utilization and highly secured applications. The services includes - Embedded board bring-up, OS kernel optimization, Porting, RTOS, HAL development, BSP Device Drivers development, Boot loaders, diagnostic tools developments, Memory management, File system,  Application layer developments, Communication and storage etc.
Platform - Linux, Android, Windows, VxWorks, non OS etc.
FPGA Design / VLSI
With FPGAs leading to time to market reduction and the ability to continuously evolve and customize products based on inputs from end customers. We provide one stop solution for your design needs providing end-to-end VLSI Digital Design Services including Logic Design, Verification & Validation and Physical Design.
ITLPro Solutions offers service - ASIC, SoC, FPGA Design & Development, VHDL/Verilog coding, Re-Engineering, Verification, Rapid Prototyping, System Prototyping for Networking, Wireless, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Telecom, Storage & Computing applications. Devices used - Altera, Xilinx, Lattice etc.
Application Software (SW)
Product Software, Database, Process Analytics and monitoring software, web based, Mobile based, GUI / HMI / UI design, Server based, Communication, Cloud and Computing Software, Analysis Software etc.
We have expertise covering various platforms like Desktop / Laptop, Embedded devices, Custom handhelds, Smart phone / Tablet, Web servers / Portals and Cloud Computing. We also have extensive expertise in Re-engineering, Platform migration, Porting and Multilingual in Sustenance Support. We have experience across many domains, wide technology expertise, best-in-class solution accelerators and process frameworks, state of the art infrastructure and partnerships with industry standards organizations which make it the perfect partner in embracing the world of connected business. Automotive, Process Engineering, Healthcare, Telecom, Hi-Tech, Automations, Robotics, Industrial Products, Mobile Apps, wearable devices etc.
To enable real time decision making and better product/process control, software applications interface with wide variety of machineries, instruments and production systems across industry segments. ITLPro Solutions has experience in developing industrial software applications for various industries in the area of Power, Electrical, and Building Automation, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy and more.
Solutions across product lifecycle:
Sales & Marketing - Product Simulator, Product Configurator, Digital Catalog, Media Application, Dashboards etc.
Product Software - System Configuration, Control Application, Data Analysis Reporting, Monitoring Application, Alarm & Event Management
Operations Software - Project Management, Budget Management, Workflow Tool, Resource Monitoring, What-If Analysis Tool
Manufacturing Software - OEE Monitoring, Quality Dashboard, Production Reporting Machine Monitoring, End Of Line Tester, Data Logger
Service - Training Software, Calibration Tool & Diagnostic Tool Field Service Tools,
Mobile devices-Mobiles, VoIP Phones, Media Phones, PDA, Tablets, Handheld devices - application, protocol stacks, middleware, MMI framework for Android, iOS and Windows phone platforms
Technologies: ITLPro Solutions have expertise in the technologies- Microsoft Technologies: we are Microsoft Gold certified Partner with vast experience in C# .NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C++, VC++, WPF, WCF, WWF, Silverlight, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS & SharePoint
Database Technology: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres
Mobility Expertise - Phone 7, WinCE, iOS, Android
Cloud Experience: AZURE, Amazon & Google
RF Design
ITLPro Solutions’ helps customers design RF solutions for Wireless Connectivity Products, Base Stations, Mobile Systems, Antennas & Passives.
Services offered - Subsystem and system design and development, Stand-alone Transmitters and Receivers Design RF front end design, LNA designs, Power Amplifier designs, Low power RF Transceivers design, Printed and 3D antenna design
Design Analysis Services -Sub system level simulation, Inter-modulation spurious analysis, Rx noise figure analysis, Stability analysis for amplifiers, Signal integrity analysis, Multi board level simulations, High speed mixed signal board analysis, Radiated emission and susceptibility, Conducted emission and susceptibility, shielding effectiveness for enclosures
Mechanical Engineering (MECH)
ITLPro Solutions Offers advanced Mechanical Engineering Services to customers that help them in quickly developing complex mechanical designs and innovative products, significantly reducing their time to market and providing maximum value to consumers by combining aesthetics and functionality. We have strong ecosystem, starting from consumer insight study to engineering and manufacturing processes till launch. Mechanical Engineering Services offers highly critical in any design of product, system or experience to reduce design cycles, accelerate time to market and lower costs. ITLPro Solutions offers Services to delivers end-to-end product design and development services, mechanical design services, computer aided engineering, manufacturing engineering services and asset management services, Material & Inventory Management, Engineering Tools and Data Warehouse, Tools and Enterprise Integration (TEI) (DMS, Custom Tools & Aps etc.), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Analysis services, prototype simulation and physical testing services etc.
Verification & Validation (V & V)
Verification & Validation check the quality of the Embedded system. ITLPro Solutions offers quality assurance through the it’s verification mechanism followed while developing embedded system - white box methods - unit / functional testing / verification / checking / Reviewing / Simulation / Analyzing etc. The solution’s quality also confirmed by Black Box testing - BB testing, Product Validation, Performance testing, system testing, Field Trials etc. The design product tested for compliance testing - UL/ EN/IEC etc testing including EMI EMC and Functional compliance testing etc.
Manufacturing Services & Product Life Cycle Support
ITLPro Solutions Offers services for Product Life Cycle Support:
1.   Cost Reduction Issues
     1.   Component Replacement/consolidation
     2.   Enclosure Redesign
     3.   Lower cost Product/Operating/Testing/Production
2.   Obsolescence Issues
     1.   BOM End-of-Life analysis
     2.   Electrical and/or Mechanical Redesign
     3.   Verification/Validation
3.   Loss of Supply Chain
4.   Compliance Issues
     1.   Regulatory requirements
     2.   Environmental requirements
     3.   Certification testing
5.   Feature Enhancements
     1.   HW, FW, SW, Mechanical redesign
     2.   Integration testing, System Testing
     3.   Regionalization/Localization
6.   Service Issues/Performance Improvement
7.   Compatibility Issue
     1.   Product line - add backward compatibility and Third Party compatibility
8.   Reverse Engineering
9.   Redesign Compatibility Issues
     1.   HW, FW, SW compatibility or upgradation
     2.   Compliance testing and validation
10.   Drawing Migration/Conversions
11.   Product documentations - User Manual, Service Manual, Handling Manuals, Installation Manual, Catalog, Application Manuals etc.
12.   Production Manufacturing
13.   Production Sourcing
14.   Service Center
15.   Manufacturing process establishment/stabilization
Embedded Systems - Design Expertise
Embedded Systems: Design of embedded system solutions for Data Acquisition, Data Processing, Sensors, Communication, Control Motor and Drives, Precision Motion System, Automation and other applications, including SW, FW and HW design, development, test & transfer to production

General Purpose Processors/Cores:
ARM Cortex M4 & A8, ARM7/9/11, SPARC, PowerPC, Intel IA and Atom, PIC, 8051, Microblaze, TI Microcontrollers and Digital Signal Controllers etc 8/16/32bit Microcontroller and DSC.

FPGA: Xilinx/Altera/Lattice ASIC, FPGA, CPLD, PLDs etc.

DSP Processors/Cores: Analog Devices and Texas Instruments families

Custom Processing Elements (Design and/or Integration): Arithmetic, Transforms, Filters, Signal Generation, Signal Encoding / Decoding, Compression, Error Correction, Correlators, Modulation, Encryption, Video & Image Processing, Speech & Audio Processing, Data Acquisition

Custom Control Logic:
Timer, Schedulers, Controllers, Arbiters & Complex Logic

Interfaces: SPI, I2C, I2S, USB, PCIe, SDIO, FiberChannel, CAN, LIN, ProfiBus, LON, PowerLON, UART, TCP/IP, MODBUS RTU

Embedded Linux, VxWorks, SQN, QNX, FreeRTOS, RTLinux, QT, Timesys/Montavista Linux, etc.

Development of monitoring, control and data processing applications (in C/C++) with performance/size/cost optimization

Communication: TCP/IP, UDP and other protocols; Ethernet (10 / 100 / 1G / 10G), Wi-Fi (802.11), Bluetooth and ZigBee (802.15), RFID, NFC, Wired and Wireless Networks, Power Line Communication, etc.

FW, HW, SW, MECH Co-development:
Optimized co-development and integration methodology

Verification & Validation:
Design verification and validation by simulation, emulation and prototyping
New Product Development
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