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Oil & Gas Utilities
ITLPro Solutions offer comprehensive design solutions to Energy utilities like metering solutions, Data collection software, Solar panel controllers, Sensors for Efficient and Reliable Wind Turbine Operations. For Oil & Gas sector, we offer engineering solutions/services, Asset information management services to in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream. We also offer Robotic solutions including automated vehicle systems. Sensors, Instrumentation and Controller solutions to all type of Industries.

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Pressure Transducer
A Robust design, Very good accuracy  and suited to wide range of applications
Vibration Sensor
Wireless Vibration monitor analyze vibration patterns and measures it.
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Automation Solutions
ITLPro Solutions offers a comprehensive Industrial Automation Solutions based on varied technology platforms - LabVIEW, PLC, Embedded controllers etc.
Ability to integrate varied components from Field Devices to Instrumentation, Data Acquisitions, Electricals, Drives, SCADA, Telecom & IT providing complete
Automation Solutions based on needs.
Process Controllers
Powerful Process Controllers that can be scaled in functionality to suit virtually any application.
Gauging Instruments & Automations
ITLPro Solutions offers wide range of Gauges - Electronics Gauges, Multi-gauging, portable scale meters, Automation
gauging signal transducers etc. covering precision motion
Sensors & Transducers
ITLPro Solutions offers variety of Sensors and Transducers i.e. Signal conditioners converting almost any sensor signals to Analog: 0-10V, 4-20mA, pulsed signals etc., Digital: Wired - RS232, RS485, Modbus, CAN, USB, Ethernet, Profibus, Field bus etc. Wireless - WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, LPRs etc. Available with local & remote display interface.
Process controllers available with precise control algorithms, wide sensor interfacing, Communication for remote monitoring & more intuitive, easier to operate.
Application, pneumatic / hydraulic based moving / rotating control applications etc.
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